Qualys – SSL Labs – SSL Report: amipaid.com Overall Rating A+

Again, we are pleased to receive another A+ Rating for our security, this time analysing our Certificate, Protocol Support, Key Exchange and Cipher Strength. Qualys SSL Labs rated amipaid.com, blog.amipaid.com, support.amipaid.com, uk.amipaid.com, wiki.amipaid.com and www.amipaid.com extensions the highest grade possible.

Qualys state “SSL/TLS is a deceptively simple technology. It is easy to deploy, and it just works . . . except that it does not, really. The first part is true—SSL is easy to deploy—but it turns out that it is not easy to deploy correctly. To ensure that SSL provides the necessary security, users must put more effort into properly configuring their servers.”


Join us for the 2nd edition of Retail Banking Technologies Summit in Vienna, on the 20th to the 22nd of February 2018.

Conference Topics Include:
– Emerging technologies: Focus on Tech Trends & Innovation
– Potential of blockchain technology – unlocking real benefits of blockchain through its sweet spot
– How is digitization changing retail banking customer experience?
– Relation between technology an digital threats, financial crime and cybersecurity
– Where next for FinTech? Uncovering the next stage of innovation
– Open banking and API Economy
– Transformation strategies in retail banking
– How AI can deliver a personalized banking experience
– Driving customer experience in the digital channel

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A+ Rating on Mozilla for amipaid.com

Today, at 3rd Square Software, we are pleased to receive an A+ rating from Mozilla for our safety and security for ‘Am I Paid?’. Mozilla state their ‘Observatory’ project is designed to help developers, system administrators, and security professionals configure their sites safely and securely.
We encourage all website owners and visitors to visit Mozilla’s Observatory, enter a domain and click “scan me” and see the report that is shown. When we first scanned ‘Am I Paid?’, despite already complying with industry standards, and having been intrusion, penetration and brute force tested, we got an F, just like 91% of all websites. Assisted by the feedback of Observatory, and the clear guidance on what needed fixing, the engineers at ‘Am I Paid?’ have quickly improved our grade to an A+.
“91% of all websites receive an F grade when first run”, that is an amazing statistic that Mozilla has released, and goes to show how rapidly security policies are advancing and how security needs to be at the forefront of every companies mantra. Indeed, running the test on one of the worlds biggest banks, HSBC, shows a grade F for www.hsbc.com.
Mozilla’s Observatory performs a range of checks which are being added to as new security protocols are identified. Threats are researched by security professionals at Mozilla and the wider community across thousands of articles, hundreds of websites, and dozens of specifications.
Interested in making the web a safer place? Scan sites you use and let the owners know if their results aren’t up to scratch.