Actions speak louder than words – 7 reasons to ditch manual late payment checking

Getting paid is at the heart of every business, so the person responsible for checking this is key. People sometimes think checking the bank is easy, but try doing it every day, if not twice a day, now throw in multiple accounts to check, and looking for multiple payments. It requires time, patience, trust, accuracy, attention to detail and excellent memory, or further time to know who’s who and what was owed. If you’re pushed for time or trying to get paid quicker, a professional automation solution could be for you. Here are seven time-saving, pleasing features that might stop you thinking of logging into your bank as a four-letter word.

1. Spend Less Time Yawning at your Online Banking
Gone are the days of laboriously, repeatedly logging into your bank. Now you’ve got the power to free up your time, and be prompted to follow up for that money owed, right in the palm of your hand. Your smartphone will alert you if you have or haven’t got paid in just a few clicks — no more endless nights wasting time looking through bank logs matching payments, from now on you can relax knowing that job is done.

2. Create New Payers in Seconds!
Literally seconds. When we timed ourselves creating a new payer who owes you money, it took ten seconds. With automatic bank checking, every time you enter a new expected payment, their details will be stored in your account on the cloud and you can choose to set it as a recurring expected amount or a one-off. So you are not only saving time the first month, but every time into the future.

3. Promise is a Comfort to a Fool
“I’ll pay you next week”, how many times have you heard that? Great, they’ve made a promise but now your work load has increased. You need to wait a week (is that in 7 days time, this coming Monday, end of the week?), remember to check for the payment, log into your bank, see it’s inevitably not been paid, remind them…cycle repeats! Looking for the payment someone promised is time consuming, time you could be spending doing something more productive, like enjoying your weekend, so why not automate?

4. Don’t be a Curtain Twitcher
Checking your device is the modern equivalent of looking out the window every 5 minutes to see what’s going on in the street. How much of your life do you want to spend waiting for pages to load, fiddling to find passwords, finding somewhere to charge your device to see if that payment has hit? With automatic bank checking, you can forget about it until you are alerted.

5. Get Paid Faster
If you don’t ask you don’t get, it’s that simple. When a payment doesn’t hit, condition your payers to know that you’re ontop of expected payments and that late payments won’t be forgotten about. Hit them with an email, SMS or call, why not add warning of on a penalty and make them jump to it? ‘Am I Paid?’ is simple and safe, and a much faster way of getting you paid.

6. Chase Professionally
What’s the right tone to have in an email, when should you start making calls? We pack all that with templates and process suggestions putting you in control.

7. Better Debt Collection
With a cloud-based late payment checking solution, every expected bank payment can be tracked and stored. If you need to follow a set debt collection process, or simply get a quick overview of all your expected payments, automatic beats a manual process any day of the week.

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