Meet us at NextGen Banking London: the AI Revolution

There is no doubt that AI is the next wave of computing and will unleash major change in all industries. But what does the rise of AI mean for the next generation of banking?

For financial institutions, AI represents an opportunity to radically improve efficiency, risk management and regulatory compliance, and customer service.

But to stay ahead of the AI revolution, financial institutions need to navigate a complex array of AI techniques, cultural challenges and technology decisions, to ensure they lay solid foundations for their AI-driven futures.

Finextra’s NextGen Banking London 2018 conference on 17 May will bring together practitioners from across the financial services industry to explore what the AI revolution means for banks – and what financial institutions need to do in the short, medium and longer terms to benefit from AI, and ensure their customers do so as well.

The conference programme will tackle a number of important questions including:

  • What do we mean by AI? It’s a broad church. What are the key AI techniques financial institutions are – or should be – exploring?
  • In which business and application areas within financial services does AI have the most potential now and in the future?
  • What are the technology and cultural considerations banks must address to move forward with AI?

Whether your business is in retail or commercial banking or capital markets, and whether your focus is front or back office, the AI revolution means change.

Join us at NextGen Banking London 2018 and gain actionable insights into how to profit from that change by leveraging AI and the benefits it can bring.